Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SI Tools Now Available for Revit Structure 2010

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I am a proponent of the add-ons available for the Revit products, including tools available from Structural Integrators for Revit Structure. This month, Structural Integrators has released their tools for Revit Structure 2010. The new version is not only compatible with Revit Structure 2010, but includes several new features:

Beam Systems: When selecting All Beams on a level or for the entire model, the options dialog now lets you specify whether to include all beams, to exclude beams in beam systems, or to only select beams in beam systems.

Level Selection from 3D View: You can now select members at a level without switching to a level view.

Columns and Walls at a Level: You can now select columns and walls at a level based on whether the member's top or base occurs at the level, or both. This can be useful for selecting columns or walls both above and below a level.

Multi-level Select: When selecting members in the entire model, you can now limit the selection to members on any subset of levels.

Installation: The installation now works for Windows Vista without having to disable User Account Control.

A Lite version is available for members of Structural Integrators, and a Pro version is avaialble for purchase. To learn more, go to their website.

Also, don't forget about the SI Xchange for Revit Structure. This allows the interoperability between Revit Structure and STAAD.Pro.