Friday, June 1, 2007

Revit Structure 2008 Crashes

Are you having issues with Revit Structure 2008 crashing when importing or exporting DWG files? Nicolas Mangon has posted a fix for the following build numbers:

DVD Build is: 20070324_1700
Web Build is: 20070404_1700

After some inquiry, he found that the reason was because an older version of DWG TrueView is located somewhere on the computer. Below should resolve the issue:

1) Uninstall DWG TrueView
2) Upgrade the latest free version of DWG TrueView available at .

After the upgrade of DWG TrueView, RST2008 should be able to import/export DWG files properly.

For more of Nicolas Mangon and Wai Chu's Blog on Revit Structure 2008, click on the following link:

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