Friday, April 4, 2008

New Features of Revit Structure 2009 - Dimensioning Enhancement

Two new Dimension Threads have been added for the ability of dinensioning your Elements: Baseline and Ordinate. This will bring up the total number of options to 3 (including the original Continuous Dimension Thread)

First, the original Continuous Thread is still available, as always:

Secondly, the Baseline Thread option is now available:

Lastly, the Ordinate Thread is also available:

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Revitup said...

Hey Adrianna... just found your blog... 2009 have some really cool stuff for sure. Just I deal with both Revit Architecture and Structural... I have written up some stuff on 2009 on my site (2009 guide from menu on front page). But was wondering if I can link to you site for some structural info? please feel free to use anything you want from revitup.