Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sloped Beams: How to Specify Workplanes for Beam Systems

Most firms to not work with standard square building with simple horizontal beams throughout. There will definitely be times where all structural firms will need to place Beam Systems on an angle...but this is not as easy as the 1-click procedure used to place Beam Systems on bays created with horizontal bracing. This will need to be done in sketch mode, but there is a step necessary prior to sketching the Beam System to make sure the Beam System is following the slope of the boundaries of the Bay. The structural user needs to specify the sloped Bracing as the Workplane:

1) Below is an Elevation View of my structure:

2) Select the Workplane button on the top right hand corner of your Toolbars:

3) A dialog box will pop up to ask where you want to place your new Workplane. Select to Pick A Plan:

4) Select the top of the Beam you want the Beam System to follow. First I selected the taller structure. I will need to select the two portions of the structure seperately:

5) A dialog box will pop up to ask what View you want to work in. Select the View (I selected the Level 3 Floorplan), and it will immediately open the View:

6) A dialog box will pop up to notify you that you cannot use the 1-click creation to create the Beam System.

7) You will directly enter Sketch Mode. Sketch out the Beam System as you normally would:

Note: The Beam System follows the Beam you selected as it's Workplane...


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