Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you speaking to your manufacturers?

For many years, since Revit was purchased by Autodesk, there has always been a problem of the amount of content provided with the program. As it continued to grow, to include Revit Structure and Revit MEP, even though the amount of content increased, there are still complaints. That is truly understandable, especially with the creation of Revit MEP, and the number of manufacturer specific content needed for the creation of Construction Documents (primarily for the schedules). Engineers can create the content themselves, but, better yet, they can begin speaking to the manufacturers. Many manufacturers have already begun creating their own content, understanding the need changed currently occuring in the AEC industry.

AO Smith
Visa Lighting
York Equipment
McQuay International

The above are just a few engineering manfacturer's who have Revit content on their websites. If you are looking for additional content that is ... you can find it on Autodesk's Seek website, based on their Metadata Style Guide. Manufacturers are directed to their own site, which will assist them in creating their content and working with the Autodesk Seek specialists to upload it to the website.

With the economy the way it is, marketing funds are scarce these days...manufacturers can take advantage of the multitude of engineers that will be directed to the site directly from Revit MEP when the equipment needed is entered in the program itself.

Speak to your manufacturers, let them know the importance of creating content for engineers using Revit MEP. The more engineers that discuss their needs with their manufacturers, the more likely these manufacturers will create their content in Revit for your use.

It is up to you. Let's work together to improve the content, and the amount of content created for the Revit products.

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