Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Revit Structure 2011 is now available!

BIM and Beam have a video posted on their website:

Subscription Advantage Pack Demonstration

The new extensions include:

Floor Vibration Analysis

The Floor Vibrations Analyzer for Revit Extensions is designed to analyze the vibration response criteria of steel-framed bays for human comfort and sensitive equipment, as described in the AISC Steel Design Guide Series "Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity." Analysis of floors is performed in one or more of three categories described by the AISC guide:

 Vibrations due to walking (static footfall excitation)
 Vibrations due to rhythmic activities (dynamic excitation)
 Disruption of sensitive equipment (velocity limits due to walking activity)

Gravity Column Analysis

This extension is designed for simple isolated gravity column design. It can analyze existing columns to check section capacity as well as optimize column sections based on axial loads and moments at each floor level. Integration with Revit allows:

 Importing Revit defined point loads along the column axis with a possible eccentricity
 Reading column end fixity
 Writing the selected section back to Revit if accepted.

Column capacity analysis is performed with the AISC13 LRFD Interaction Equation method. Capacity is calculated for each unbraced segment along the strong and weak axis and then compared to the loads and moments at the top of that segment. Loads are automatically aggregated in the direction of gravity along the column.

SDNF Import/Export

The SDNF Import/Export extensions allow:

 Export of a steel Revit model to SDNF file format
 Import of a SDNF file format to generate a steel model inside a Revit Structure model
These extensions are supporting SDNF v 2.0 and v 3.0 versions and packets:
 Packet 00 - Title Packet
 Packet 10 - Linear Member Packet
 Packet 50 - Grid Packet
 Packet 60 - Arc Member (only v3.0)

Integration with SS3

This extension bi-directionally links data between Revit Structure and SS3. Engineers can then use structural data from SS3 to create coordinated drawings and collaborate with Autodesk® Revit® Structure software users. This extension is available only in the Japanese version of Revit Extensions.

Member section Schedule

This extension is generates a member section schedule for reinforced beams and columns from a Revit project. This extension is available only in the Japanese version of Revit Extensions.

CSV Element Generator

This extension will give the ability to generate concrete beams and columns on a Revit Structure project as well as create parametric reinforcement inside these new elements. Generation is based on the CSV file format. This extension is available only in the Japanese version of Revit Extensions.

Extensions Updates include:

Integration with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis

Appropriate model location in space when transferred from to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis: This enhancement helps ensure transferred models will be accurately located in relation to Robot’s Global Coordinate System.

Better management of Sections Profiles names when transferred to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis: This enhancement distinguishes Revit families of the same name when represented as Section Labels in Robot.

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