Monday, November 22, 2010

Something you have been waiting for!!!

Are you a manufacturer looking to create Revit content for your architects or engineers? Are you an architect or engineering working with a building product manufacturer creating their content in Inventor? Well, the time has come:


From the website:

OverviewThe BIM Family Toolkit Technology Preview allows building product manufacturers the ability to easily export Inventor configuration data from iParts and iAssemblies (parameters, file properties & component visibility) directly to Revit families. Once the family data has been imported into Revit, users can create a simplified version and leverage the imported parameters and properties directly in Revit reducing the amount of time it takes to create BIM Ready Models.

Watch videos from YouTube that will provide a snip of how you create a family, and how to share family data from Autodesk Inventor into Autodesk Revit.

It will now be easier to for building product manufacturers to work with the AEC community, and provide them with what they need...are you on board?

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Timothy Singleton said...

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