Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Analysis Programs Work with Revit Structure?

Although this is posted on the Autodesk website, I continue to get the question: What analysis programs work with Revit Structure?  To begin, Autodesk has two tiers to their partner program: Professional and Premier.  The difference between the two is that when you are a Premier Partner, you provide the following, in addition to the base requirements:

Technical Resources Premier Partners are required to have technical staff available to interact with Autodesk technical personnel so they can work together to ensure that the link between Autodesk Revit Structure and the Partner’s application is optimized.

Assigned Account Manager Autodesk seeks to have a primary point of contact with Premier Partners in order to streamline critical business decisions and to explore joint business development opportunities with the assigned Autodesk Account Manager.
The following are partners (and links to their websites) with Autodesk for interoperability with Revit Structure:
Autodesk Structural Engineering Premier Partners

ADAPT-Builder Suite—structural concrete design software

BIMware Extension for REVIT - Dead and Live Loads

Fastrak Building Designer—dedicated steelwork building design

MIDASoft Inc
midasGen – structural steel and reinforced concrete design for buildings

RISAFloor and RISA-3D

SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop Suite—finite element information modeling

All Other Partners with a Bi-Directional Link to Autodesk® Revit Structure
ETABS—integrated analysis and design of building structures

Dlubal – RFEM
RFEM—finite element analysis software

Advance Design, VisualDesign, Arche, Effel and SuperSTRESS – Structural Analysis and Design software

Nemetschek Scia
Scia Engineer—finite elements analysis

Oasys GSA
Oasys GSA—structural analysis and design

ProDESK—structural analysis and design

RAM Structural System
RAM Structural System—building analysis and design software

SOFTEK Structural Office—steel and concrete analysis and design

SPACE GASS include linear and non-linear static, dynamic, response spectrum, buckling and cable analysis.
Structural Integrators, LLC.
Revit Structure STAAD.Pro interface

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