Friday, August 31, 2007

How Do You Add a Revision Schedule?

Adding a Revision Schedule to a Custom Titleblock

1. Click File menu> New Titleblock.

2. Select the appropriate titleblock template, and click Open.

3. Sketch borders, and then add text as desired.

4. Sketch a border for the revision schedule area.

5. Click View menu> New Revision Schedule.

6. In the Revision Properties dialog, add the fields you want included in the schedule. The data for the available fields comes from the revision clouds that you add to the project.

7. Apply any sorting, formatting, or appearance parameters to the schedule. For more information on these tabs, see Specifying Schedule Properties.
8. Click OK to create the schedule.

9. In the Project Browser, expand Sheets.

10. To open the sheet view, double-click the node under Sheets.

11. In the Project Browser, expand Schedules.

12. Select the Revision Schedule, and drag it to the desired location.

13. Save the titleblock family and load it into the project.

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Andy Bui said...

This post will never be obsoleted. I'm using Revit 2014, and it still worked beautifully.