Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plan Region – Overview

The Plan Region command lets you define a region within a plan view that has a different view range from the overall view. Plan regions are useful for split level plans or for displaying inserts above or below the cut plane. Plan regions are closed sketches and cannot overlap one another. They can have coincident edges.

Plan regions are view-specific. You can copy and paste them into the same view or different views. When you copy a plan region into a different view, the view range settings are maintained from the previous view.

Plan regions export and print when they are visible in a view.

Creating a Plan Region

1. Open a plan view.
2. Click View menu>New>Plan Region, or on the View tab of the Design Bar, click Plan Region.

3. You will now be directed into a Sketch Mode. Sketch a closed loop using lines, rectangles, or polygons. Note: When in Sketch Mode, you have to create a closed loop, otherwise, you will receive an error.
4. On the Design Bar, click Region Properties.
5. In the Element Properties dialog, for View Range, click Edit.
6. In the View Range dialog, specify the primary range and view depth. If the value for Cut Plane is specified as Parent View’s Level, then the level used to define all the clip planes (Top, Bottom, Cut, and View Depth) is the same as for the entire plan view.

NOTE: Values for offsets need to make sense with respect to one another. For example, the top offset cannot be lower than the cut plane offset, and the cut plane offset cannot be lower than the bottom offset.

8. Click Finish Sketch.

You do not have to enter sketch mode to edit the shape of a plan region. Each boundary line of the plan region is a shape handle, as shown in the following image. Select the shape handle and drag it to modify the size.

Controlling Visibility of the Plan Region

1. Click View menu>Visibility/Graphics, or type the shortcut key combination VG.
2. In the Visibility/Graphics dialog, click the Annotation Categories tab.
3. Scroll to the Plan Region category.
4. Select or clear the check box to show or hide the plan region.
5. Click in the Project/Surface Lines column, and click Override to make changes to the line weight, line color, and line pattern of the plan region.
6. Click OK.


Luke said...

For some reason when I check the plan regions properties I don't have an option to change the view range, all that is there is solid fill or other fill to change. COnfused...

Luke said...

Ooops in Revit 2010 I was in the Annotate tab > Region not View tab > Plan Views > Plan Region like I should have been - that was really bugging me.

The Desert Echo said...

Thanks this helped me heaps. I knew there must be a way to make my windows show up!