Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Basics: Grid Lines Dissapearing?!?!?

Have you ever had Grid Lines dissapear for no apparent reason? Well, here are a few reasons this would occur, and how you can aleviate the issue:

1. Grid lines can be affected by the “View Range” settings of the view. A Grid Line must be touching the Cut Plane of the Level to be seen within the Floorplan View. To fix it, either go to the Elevation View and extend the Grid Line to touch or extend above the Level, or change the View Range of that Floorplan.

2. Grid objects visibility can be controlled with “Scope Boxes”. This also applies to other “Datum” objects such as levels, and reference lines. To do this:

-Create one or more scope boxes [“Drafting”, “Scope Box”].
-Apply a scope box to datum elements (grid lines, levels, or reference planes). Highlight the Grid Lines, “Element Properties”.
-Lastly, you can set the Scope Box visibility, by highlighting the Scope Box, “Element Properties”, “Views Visible”, and changing the “Override” setting.

This will give you View by View control over groups of Grid Lines.

Note: There is additional information in the Help file if you search for “Controlling Visibility of Datums Using Scope Boxes”.

3. You can also “Hide” the grid lines using the typical highlight, right-click, “Hide in View”, “Elements” or “Category”.

4. There is some additional documentation in the Help file, if you search for “Customizing Grid Lines”. This specifically covers adding break lines or changing the display.

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