Thursday, March 6, 2008

RAM/Revit Structure Link

Recently, Bentley hosted a Webcast on the link between RAM and Revit Structure. They began by discussign the Elements brought into Revit Structure when creating your original model in RAM, the Elements brought into RAM when creating your original model in Revit Structure, and what Elements will be re-imported either way. They also discuss limitations of the link. Included in the Webcast is a demonstration of the link, starting with a model created in RAM, and how it is imported in Revit Structure.

I found this was a good introduction to the link between RAM and Revit Structure. It also includes contact information at the end of the Webcast, for additional questions.

Below is the link for the recorded webcast, as well as the document of questions compiled during the Webcast. For those of you starting to link between the two programs, I encourage you to watch this Webcast for a brief overview:

This will take you to a Webpage to View the RAM/Revit Structure Integration Webcast, the Questions compiled during the Webcast, as well as the ability to dowload the most current RAM/Revit Structure Link.



Jason Coleman said...

I just wanted to let you and your readers know that we'll be hosting another web seminar later this month on the RAM Revit Link. The new version will be available soon and we want to get users up-to-speed on the features and enhancements.

There's a link on the new RAM Revit Link wiki page to sign up if you are interested. Thanks!

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super-structure said...

The link I left some time ago is now broken due to a update to our wiki site last year. I apologize for the confusion and here is an updated link:

RAM Revit Link wiki page

There are numerous procedures on using the link utility and troubleshooting common issues (with many images included!).