Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Features of Revit Structure 2009

Structural Modeling

Sloped Slab Shape Edit

  • Edit the Shape of Slabs with Curved Edges
  • Modify the Split Lines that the Software automatically creats in the Slab when it is warped
  • Slabs made of Metal Decks can now also be sloped and warped

Beam Cutbacks

  • Modify the Join Configuration and provide Graphical Controls at the end of the Beams participating in a Join
  • Miter Joins can be created for Elements of the same Type

Vertical Move by Common Join

  • Elevation Control at the intersection of several Elements that Join

Avaialble Extensions

  • Reinforcement Macros for Concrete Columns, Beams, Footings, Walls, Pile Caps, and Slab Openings

Concrete Reinforcement

  • Place individual Reinforcement Bars into a Concrete Model
  • Many standard Rebar Shapes are available in a Browers
  • Rebar Shape dimensions can be edited in a manner similar to Revit Families
  • Additional Parameters can be displayed in Schedules
  • Reinforcement automatically created by a Third-party Application can be accurately scheduled
  • Covers are now a Property of Concerete Elements
  • View Rebars as Solid

Foundation Improvements

  • Create multiple Foundations at the same time
  • Wall Foundation Ends can now be Modified

Construction Documents

Dimension Improvements

  • Dimension to Intersections
  • Run Linear Dimensions to Center of Arcs without turning on Visibility of the Center Mark
  • Dimension Cencentric Arcs with Linear Dimensions
  • Apply Bold, Italic, Underlining and Width Factors to all Dimension Styles
  • Create a set of Dimensions that all start from a common Baseline
  • Create multiple Dimensions that measure a perpendicular disctance from an Origin Point

Dimension Text Override

  • Replace Numerical Values with Text Values
  • Add Supplemental Text to a Dimension String

Beam Tag Improvements

  • Place Spot Elevations on Beams at the Top or Bottom
  • Place multiple Beam Tags
  • Tag Curve-Driven Elements
  • Create a Single Label from multiple Parameters

Concrete Drawings

  • Concrete Auto-Join: Column to Slab, Column to Wall, Beam to Slab, Beam to Wall, Slab Edge to Slab
  • Enhanced Default Join of Beam to Beam

Graphical Column Schedule

  • Add shifted Columns to Graphical Column Schedules
  • Add Grouped Columns to Graphical Column Schedules
  • Add a drop-down list to the Column Element Properties that shows different Graphical Column Schedule Label Combinations

Revision Numbering

  • Revision Tags and Schedules can use Alphabetical, Alphanumeric or Mixed Convensions
  • New Revision Parameters have been created for Title Blocks
  • New Revision Columns have been created
  • Add Revision Names without a Cloud


Selection Count

  • Count the Number of Objects in different Categories within the Filter Dialog Box

Visibility Tools

  • Visibility Graphics for Revit links available "By Linked View" for Sections, Elevations and 3D Views
  • Improved Linework for linked files

3D Navigation

  • View Cube Feature
  • Steering Wheel Feature

Linked Files Visibility

  • Native DWF support for Windows Vista users
  • No Plug-Ins required
  • Windows XP support available

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