Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Using Drawing List to Speed Up Productivity

In larger firms, it is most likely that multiple people will be working in the same file, and creating separate sheets, needing the Checked By, Drawn By, and Approved By to have a different set of initials. However, in smaller firms, one designer may be working on creating all the sheets, working on all the plans, sections, details, etc. This can make for a very timely process when this information needs to be entered in for every sheet, everytime a new sheet is created. However, utilizing the Drawing List, even if not in the actual final set of Construction Documents, may com in handy here:

First, create a new Drawing List:

Second, add the necessary Fields/Parameters, as if you were creating a schedule:

Lastly, change the necessary information in the Drawing List, rather than in each individual Sheet…

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Anonymous said...

Schedules are a great tool to use. And you do a great job on sharing information for others. But if I am not mistaking you can not highlight more then one cell at a time. An even quicker method would be to go to all your sheets in the Project Browser and select them all, right click and go to properties. You can then change them all at once. This message is brought to you by The Steel City Revit Users Group!!